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• your CONFORT •

As for others models of Greenline also 33  denominators are ability to sail in the absence of noise and exhaust fumes, low fuel consumption and comfort, resulting in environmentally responsible boating.


Silent eco-performance

When you combine one of the best insulated engine bays with a modern diesel engine, you get one of the most silent boats on the market today. With nothing more than a whisper-like hum at cruising speed, both when using electric or diesel power, the Greenline 33 never disturbs your comfort while underway or when recharging the batteries.

Natural light and Panoramic view in the salon

With big glass surfaces in the salon and the owner’s cabin, the Greenline interior is always full of natural light, offering great visibility and a feeling of connection to the outer world.

City water connection

This connects the boat's water system with the shore water grid - just like the electricity connected to shore power. Eliminating the need to operate the water pump and bringing shore pressure to the kitchen tap, this will make the nights quieter, and will make sure your tank is always full when leaving the marina.

230 (120) VAC power at all times

Because the Greenline 33 uses a 230 (120) VAC internal power supply system, you can recreate the comfort of your own home with a range of home appliances like a refrigerator (there’s room for a 270 litre unit), a microwave oven, TVs and AC. These appliances can be brought from home, or bought/exchanged conveniently and affordably.

Adaptive owner's cabin

Another benefit is found in the owner’s cabin, where the beds can be moved to create single or double berths. The mattresses are standard sized, greatly enhancing sleeping comfort. The standard size is also highly practical when it comes to buying or replacing your bed linen and accessories, keeping the costs reasonable. You will no longer want to leave the boat to sleep in a "real" bed.

Twin-access, high-volume washroom

A regular-sized shower and toilet make your boat a home from home and increase comfort on prolonged cruises. With separate doors for the owner and guests, both will be able to keep their privacy.

Open galley

With a large refrigerator, deep freezer, microwave and classical oven, cooking and food preparation on board will become an enjoyable pastime, minimising the difference in comfort between your home and your boat.

Sheltered cockpit and sidewalks

The extended cabin roof gives full protection from the sun, rain or wind. An optional canvas cover can be fitted to fully enclose the cockpit area and extend your boating season when the weather turns colder. Safe and useful when standing at anchor or sailing under power on rainy, cold or windy days. Deep, covered sidewalks provide additional security while anchoring, mooring or going to the bow, ensuring that your guests are safe and comfortable.

Opening cockpit platform

A remote-controlled, electrically opening and closing platform for easy water and dock access. Enlarging the lounge/cockpit area by 4 m2, this option creates the impression of a much more spacious boat.

Cockpit side exit

Making life easier when docked side-to. The Greenline 33  has three different entry height levels (stern platform, side exit, bow), allowing you to always visit and leave safely.

Cockpit storage

Twin cockpit storage lockers offer all the space needed for your equipment and toys.


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