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The first owner of the brand was the company Seaway, which was the world’s leading boat developer based on the J&J Design studio created in 1983 by Jernej and Japec Jakopin. Since then, over 270 designs gave birth to over 65.000 boats and yachts manufactured by 48 boat-builders from 20 countries. Over 80 of these designs gained Boat of the Year, Design and Environmental awards from around the world. A rich history path pass in hands of the company SVP Yachts which with new fresh ideas and heritage of knowledge continues to developing and manufacturing new models and the future of modern boating. We are also a proud builder of our own branded yachts: Greenline, OceanClass, Shipman and Skagen.



Launch of Greenline 36 Hybrid is planned for mid-year


SVP Yachts becomes the exclusive builder of the Greenline range


Greenline 48 Hybrid launched


Greenline 40 Hybrid launched


Greenline 33 Hybrid becomes the world’s best selling 10 m boat


Greenline 33 Hybrid is introduced to the market


J&J Design creates a new boat concept around the new developed hybrid technology: Greenline 33 Hybrid


Iskra (now Mahle) developes a clutched flywheel generator for Steyr, Nanni and VW marine diesels


Iskra manufactures the first flywheel generator developed by prof. Ferdinand Trenc at the University of Ljubljana to be applied on a Steyr marine diesel engine


prof. Anton Dolenc, the designer of Steyr marine diesels,  and Japec Jakopin (the Greenline founder in due course…)  sketch a flywheel generator for a marine diesel engine to avoid having a separate diesel generator onboard




ocean class

The Hybrid Superdisplacement Yachts

Range: 65' - 90'+


The Carbon Sailing Yachts

Range: 50' - 80'


The Yachtman's Yacht

Range: 50'

Greenline yachts