John Bossi had his eye on the Greenline for months. After several boat shows, lots of reading and research, he made a shared decision with his wife, Jo. The couple finally settled on the Greenline 33 Hybrid over their second choice, a catamaran. In his own words, John shares with us what his family loves about the Greenline 33…


Why the Greenline 33?
“At first the attraction was the styling. The Greenline has a unique look for the market…it’s retro but modern. The combination of design and material like the beautiful woods give it a great look. I’m also impressed with its phenomenal value for money just in the purchase price. That’s on top of the savings you gain from its hybrid engine and solar power features.”

Where has the Greenline taken you?
“Mainly day trips on Sydney Harbour and an overnight at Cockle Bay. We had it offshore in a 2 to 3 meter swell and it exceeded my expectations. The Greenline is gentle and plows through waves easily. It’s a supremely seaworthy yacht. The steering is relaxed and doesn’t roll as much as some of our past boats. There is none of the slamming you get on a planning hull. We look forward to doing some coastal cruising and more overnights in the future.”

How’s life aboard?
“We love it! We have 3 children and lots of friends and family we like to entertain.
I’m Italian and my wife loves to cook big meals – its our way of relaxing, creating memories with our favourite people. The Greenline is a perfect fit for our lifestyle – it’s truly an entertainers’ boat.”
The Greenline has a great layout with a seamless flow from inside to out. I’m always involved in what’s happening when I’m driving. Again, in my other boats, I was on the flybridge talking down to everyone below. We also had our Christmas party on board. I invited the staff from my dental practice to a restaurant for what they thought was lunch and showed up in the Greenline. They were ecstatic! With 10 guests on board we had a blast cruising Sydney Harbour on a beautiful summer day.”

Any surprises on the Greenline?
“One night we docked off Cockle Bay for dinner thinking it would be a great way to avoid driving late at night. We went back to the boat around midnight when we realized the party on Cockle Bay was just getting started!
Surprisingly, as soon as we shut the door our world went silent for a great night of sleep! I had no idea the sound insulation was that good.”

What would you like potential Greenline owners to know?
“It’s an extremely versatile boat. The brochures indicates this, but it wasn’t until going to 3 boat shows and owning one myself that I realised what that meant. There are actually 5 saloon configurations we use when we have guests aboard (see photos below).

1. Dining with L shaped and side seating
2. Coffee Table seating
3. Comfortable helms seat for two
4. Open Saloon using coffee table as a serving table or seat on bathing platform
5. Guest berths with a double and single bed

Each configuration takes seconds to arrange. Also the bed in the owner’s cabin is so easy to convert – again seconds. Having two entrances into the bathroom is a really nice privacy feature. The engines are also easy to access.”

How was eyachts?
“Working with Dan Jones was great… there were never problems, only solutions.
I found that across the board with everyone I was in contact with at eyachts.
I’ve made a lot of purchases from dental equipment to motorcycles. I have never experienced a standard set so high across an organisation.
I love the espresso machine that Dan gave me as a purchase gift – perfect for an Italian. It was very thoughtful and a great ending to a wonderful experience.”