Jon and Anne Fleming live on the Gold Coast. They have owned a Greenline Hybrid 40 since 2013 and clocked up over 1000NM in the first year. The couple have owned a lot of boats over the years – we asked them why they chose the Greenline this time.

“We wanted to sometimes travel without noise. We chose the hybrid version of the Greenline for that reason and often use it when the tide is in our favour – and it’s terrific – both effective and efficient.
We live on the Gold Coast and go away for a day or 2 at a time heading to South Stradbroke Island and Jumpinpin.
The Greenline is very comfortable for overnight trips away with everything we want – we often say it’s just like an apartment. We love the large galley and great fridge. We also love the full size beds in the main cabin – it’s easy to divide them in the in day time and push them together in seconds at night.


Easter in Mooloolaba

For Easter we went to Mooloolaba which is around 80 miles from us. It was quite rough off the northern top of Moreton Island but we were reasonably comfortable on board and the boat handled the conditions beautifully.
We had 4 adults and 2 children on board for the long weekend. We had a fantastic time – dropping the stern down to enjoy the water and indoor-outdoor living.
I guess for us the Greenline stood out from the crowd. We wanted plenty of shade, walk around decks, single level living and a swim platform. We also love the overall visibility and the fact that we can sit in the cabin and watch TV. The living space is really well thought out.
We are absolutely thrilled with boat and our experience with eyachts has been very good. They attend to everything straightaway and are a pleasure to deal with.”